jaded_butterfly's Journal

20 April 1984
Flittering back and forth
Causing smiles
Yet she frowns
She sees so much
From up above
A small child
Left home alone
While mom is out
With her friends
An old war hero
In a cardboard box
Because the government
Doesn't care
He's served his country
And his country
Won't serve him
Lovers split
Because they fear
Potential pain
Soul mates split
Because they're too stubborn
To work for what they
Both deserve
And the butterfly
Flits past a raindrop
Watching the clouds
Fitting her mood
Yet to the world
She's so beautiful
The butterfly cries
For the boy
Who just swallowed
His dad's prescription
To ease the pain
Of being different
And she sighs
For the girl
Who just can't seem
To fit in
The butterfly
Will never love
And will never smile
Because she is jaded
Poor jaded butterfly
Her innocence torn
By what she sees
And she can't forget
What she knows
Jaded butterfly

Marriage is love.